What We Do


"To foster community for people with autism by presenting

interactive concerts in a welcoming environment."

Azure Pittsburgh recognizes that autism and related challenges can present barriers to attendance and engagement in a formal concert setting. We program the highest quality artists while taking care to consider and remove as many barriers as possible to create a sensory-friendly environment

where all people are accepted, embraced, and celebrated.

At an Azure concert, if you want to sing, dance, vocalize, or clap, you're welcome to do so,

and if you need a break, there's always a designated quiet space for you. 

Our concerts are a place for connecting with each other through music.



Started as a pilot program through the School of Music at Carnegie Mellon University, we are enthusiastic artists working to generate an all-behaviors-welcome concert series, inspired by Azure Concerts founder, Stephen Prutsman in San Francisco. Our hope is that the concerts will be ongoing opportunities for growth, connection, and education for families in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

We would not exist without the generous support of Autism Society Pittsburgh, Little Lesson House, and Band Together Pittsburgh. Thanks also to Maria Lambros of Azure Baltimore and Azure Founder, Stephen Prutsman whose help and mentorship makes this series possible.

Our Team

Anitra Birnbaum - Executive Director

Monique Mead - Artistic Director

Shelby Bosworth - Marketing Director

Aaron Rib - Operations Director


Why Azure?

For many, blue creates a feeling of peace tranquility. The color association originated from the autism advocacy association, Autism Speaks.