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The following organizations are ongoing supporters of Azure Family Concerts. Some of them offer support for individuals and families outside of concerts, as well as awareness and acceptance training for event volunteers and professional settings. 


They share our goal of making education, life experiences, and especially music,

available to persons who are living with autism.


The Autism Society of Pittsburgh, founded in 1966, offers assistance for families across Western Pennsylvania. We offer training, programs, referrals, and more for the communities we serve.


The College of Fine Arts values the diversity of its students, faculty and staff members on all dimensions, and is committed to taking concrete action to increase opportunities for greater diversity, and to assure that all members of our community are treated equitably and feel a sense of inclusion. 


A community-based non profit using the power of music to engage and enrich the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. Their mission is to use the power of music to reach and engage differently abled individuals and their families, broadening horizons & changing perspectives.


Little Lesson House, powered by N Stuff Music, is a second-generation family owned and operated business, providing retail, rental, service and lessons to musicians for more than 50 years. Their fundamental philosophy has always been to provide excellent customer service.

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Azure events are fun, friendly and engaging performances tailored to children and young adults who are on the autism spectrum or have similar challenges.

Since many with autism (or related challenges) cannot attend traditional music performances due to uncontrollable vocalizations or physical movements, the Azure concerts create a musical environment where such behaviors are not frowned upon, but joyfully accepted and embraced.  

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Music for Autism is a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing quality of life and raising public awareness through free, autism-friendly, interactive concerts developed specifically for individuals with autism and their families. The concerts feature professional musicians, including Tony Award winners, Grammy-nominated classical artists, and Pulitzer Prize winners. To ensure equal access for all, every Music for Autism concert is fully subsidized. 


The Tull Family Theater is a film-based arts organization created to strengthen cultural, educational and entertainment experiences in the region northwest of Pittsburgh.


As a 501(c)(3) Pennsylvania nonprofit, the Theater has no owners. It is governed by a board of directors and administered by staff members. In addition to operating revenues, the Theater counts on financial support from the public—patrons, government, corporations and foundations—to sustain this initiative for community vitality and expanded cultural options in the region.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’” -Fred Rogers

We have a passion for making a difference and want to help.
If you would like to join us, or know of individuals or organizations who might like to do so,
please reach out through our Contact page.